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Trees form the framework of a landscape setting. Not only do trees enhance the appearance and ambience of the home, but they also provide privacy and shade.

Those of us fortunate enough to have a large property can select from a large range of trees. Unfortunately many of today’s sections are very small with little room for trees, so selection is limited.

Many people are averse to deciduous trees because of the autumn leaf clean up required. However what is not commonly known is that evergreen trees drop large quantities of leaves all year round, where deciduous trees drop leaves over a short period. In addition, deciduous trees are more likely to retain leaves during periods of stress such as drought.

Add to this the seasonal changes of deciduous trees with the bonus of flowers and coloured autumn foliage, and the greater selection, makes them a popular choice.

Popular trees for the smaller section

  • Deciduous
    • Acer – the medium sized maples
    • Cornus – the dogwoods
    • Malus – the crab apples
    • Prunus – the flowering cherries, almond, apricot, peach, plum (avoid the large vigorous varieties in small sections)
    • Magnolia – the medium sized varieties
  • Evergreen
    • Dodonea
    • Leptospermum – ‘Coppersheen’
    • Pittosporum eugenoides - Lemonwood
    • Psuedopanax – NZ Lancewood
    • Sophora - Kowhai

Larger trees for spacious or large properties

  • Deciduous
    • Albizzia – Silk tree
    • Alnus – Alder
    • Birch – Silver Birch and others
    • Fraxinus – Claret Ash, Golden Ash, Common Ash.
    • Ginko – The oldest known tree.
    • Gleditsia – Honey Locust tree
    • Idesia
    • Jacaranda
    • Magnolia – the larger varieties
    • Melia – Indian Bead tree
    • Pyrus – ornamental pear
    • Quercus – Oaks
    • Robinia
    • Ulmus – Golden Elm
  • Evergreen
    • Agonis – Willow myrtle
    • Hoheria – Lacebark
    • Melaleuca – the larger species
    • Podocarpus – Totara

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