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ican vegetable Seeds

ican vegetable Seeds

Modern varieties of vegetables are higher yielding, better tasting, more disease resistant and more uniform than older varieties.

Our garden experts have carried out extensive trials and sought advice from vegetable seed specialists in NZ and internationally, to find the very best varieties for the NZ home gardener. We have chosen 15 of the very best vegetables for you under the ‘ican’ brand.

The majority of these varieties are hybrids where there has been a focus on breeding for 

  • Superior Taste
  • Improved Pest and Disease resistance
  • Increased Vigour and Yield

In addition, hybrids have the benefit of being consistent and reliable. A number of the varieties are also more compact, and faster maturing, which results in a larger range from less space, and the ability to produce more crops through the season. Many are ideal for raised planter beds and container gardening.

For the novice gardener or the experienced ican seeds answer the question ...
Which variety should I grow?
If it’s available in ican – that’s the one to sow!

Chef’s Best Dwarf bean - Supreme

Straight glossy beans set high on the plant for easy picking.  The straight very fleshy beans have excellent flavour. Slightly shorter at 12 – 14 cm long they are very suited to cooking whole.

The fast maturing high yield is spread over 2 – 3 weeks from each sowing. For two people sow 6 – 8 seeds every three weeks from mid - October to mid- January for a continuous supply.

High disease resistance.

Rich in minerals, vitamins A & C, and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Broad bean - Mr Green seed

Broad beans that look good and taste good. They remain green after cooking.

Rich in minerals, vitamins A & C, and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Beet root - Red Lightning

Strong vigorous hybrid, upright, early maturing, deep red and tender - very uniform.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, a unique anti-oxidant, and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Buttercup squash - Dry Delight

The original dry flavourful Buttercup squash prized by chefs.  Vigorous heavy cropper with a sweet nutty taste. Uniform large fruit.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Carrot Europa

Best carrot available. Fast, strong germination, and vigorous. Resistance to alternaria fungus, and ‘bolting’ to seed. Rates very high for taste.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Courgette - Leader

Smooth, shiny dark green courgettes. Upright grower means easy picking. Good resistance to virus and powdery mildew. Ongoing vigour and disease resistance means a continuous supply over a long period. For an extended picking period sow one or two in October and another one or two in December.

Rich in minerals, potassium, anti-oxidants, electrolytes and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Cucumber - Prolific mini

Prolific producer of small 10cm long fruit. Fruiting commences earlier, and goes on producing for longer than other varieties. Intense taste. Great in containers, but ensure adequate water and food – ican Fast Food is great to keep them going.

Rich in minerals, potassium, anti-oxidants, electrolytes and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Leek - Baby

Fast growing, ready to eat in 8 weeks from planting out. Best harvested when finger thickness. Can be close planted to save space.  

Rich in minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Chef’s Best Lettuce - Trendsetter

This cos type has become popular for modern salads. Easy to grow, space saving, green crisp hearts, early maturing and holds well. Resistance to downy mildew, sclerotinia and aphids. For two people sow 6 - 8 plants every 2 weeks from October.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, folate and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Parsnip - Trafalgar

Strong, vigorous germination and rapid growth.  Long straight parsnip with good canker resistance. This is the best home garden parsnip yet developed. For almost year round supply, sow in September, November and February. Compare the result with other varieties and experience for yourself.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and dietary fibre.

 Chef’s Best Peas - Magic

Dark green pods on vigorous high yielding plants. Good resistance to fusarium and powdery mildew means you keep on picking to the last pod produced. ‘Magic’ has large tendrils which ensure upright growth with minimal support.

Rich in protein, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Radish - Olympus

Vigorous consistent variety, medium -large round. Pleasant taste. Fast maturing and disease resistant. Best radish available.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, electrolytes and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Spinach - Nutriplus

The most nutritious of vegetables. ‘Nutriplus’ is a vigorous hybrid, with uniform consistent performance. Very nutritious, variety. Strong germination and fast maturing. Resistance to downy mildew.

Rich in minerals, especially iron, vitamins, folate, anti-oxidants, and omega 3.

Chef’s Best Corn - Easy sweet

Quick maturing, extra tender and tasty. Strong germination, vigorous, and high disease resistance. Has a very thin kernel cuticle which makes it very tender and avoids skins getting stuck in your teeth. Best sweet corn available.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre.

Chef’s Best Tomato - Flavoursome

A taste sensation. Early maturing, medium size fruits. Excellent resistance to virus and soil fungus diseases. Keeps well.

Rich in minerals, potassium, vitamins – especially lycopene, anti-oxidants, and dietary fibre.

ican ‘Chef’s Best’ Superior Vegetable varieties

Hybrid seeds cost more, but they have a high germination vigour, providing reliability - you don’t need to sow extras. 

Once the sealed foil sachet is opened seed begins natural deterioration and frequently has a lower germination the following season. With ican we have a sensible number of seeds in each packet (according to species) to provide plenty for one season.

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